Deepening Our Union—A Programme for Couples


Deepening Our Union is a unique programme created and facilitated by Helen Johnson

(Osteopath, Homeopath, Naturopath, Cranial Osteopath, Allergy Testing)

and David England

(Psychotherapist, Shamanic Guide, Writer, Storyteller)

The context of the programme is the developing union of two people.

The programme is based on core principles of Right Relationships. It employs a shamanic technique combining deep individual reflection and focused dialogue between you.

The aims of the programme are to help you as a couple:

To develop closer intimacy—by “intimacy” we mean a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual connection—whilst strengthening your sense both of autonomy and interdependence.

To attain a deeper, richer, and more fulfilled union, and to awaken a shared sense of service to the wider world.

To be equipped as a couple to address and resolve your relationship issues as and when they arise. (Deepening Our Union is not about resolving such issues within the programme. If a relational issue arises for a couple, we shall offer to refer them for couple counselling with David England or one of his professional colleagues.)

The programme is not a talking shop. Our approach is to foster a creative dialogue and sharing of experience between you, as a couple, that can be sustained and enriched as the programme unfolds.

With the intention of creating safety and containment, the overall frame of the programme is a shamanic ritual around the ‘Medicine Wheel’. Each day begins with opening the Circle and ends with closing the Circle, serving to maintain a gentle state of creative consciousness throughout the day, further supported by periods of silence. Framed within the opening and closing of the Circle, the day’s ‘Ceremony’ comprises a series of activities and reflective shamanic journeys for each couple to experience and share together. The programme is limited to six couples.

The programme begins with an Orientation evening, 6.30pm – 9.30pm, and is then unfolded over four Saturday sessions, 10am to 5.30pm. The Orientation session is an introduction to the programme, including presentation of the core principles of Right Relationships.

The dates for the programme are spaced out to give you an opportunity to develop your relationship between sessions. The dates are:

Orientation, Friday 22 March

DAY 1  Saturday 30 March   BEGINNING, The beginning of your relationship

DAY 2  Saturday 4 April        UNFOLDING, Your relationship now

DAY 3  Saturday 18 May      DEEPENING, Deepening your relationship

DAY 4  Saturday 22 June     AWAKENING, Discovering and awakening the power of your union

The venue is a delightful, spacious group room looking out on a view of the Chilterns.